Jurnal Ekonomi Modernisasi

Jurnal Ekonomi Modernisasi is a peer-reviewed journal that disseminates research in the fields of management and accounting. The journal publishes issues every February, June and October. It covers a large variety of topics of management and accounting as a medium for practitioners, academics, independent researchers to publish articles that contribute to the development of science. The journal is published fully open acccessed. Jurnal Ekonomi Modernisasi was firstly published in printed version in 2005 (ISSN 0216-373X), but since 2016, the journal has been published online (ISSN 2502-4078). It is published by the Economics and Business Faculty, Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang, Indonesia.


Call for Paper Jurnal Ekonomi Modernisasi Volume 14 Number 3, October 2018


Jurnal Ekonomi Modernisasi  invites researchers, scholars and authors to submit  original and empirical research  to publish for volume 14 No. 3 for October 2018. The journal is dedicated to publish  quality paper related management and accounting. The paper will publish in online and print version.  Dont be hesitate to call contact person or email of the journal.            Regards

Vol 14 No 1 (2018): Februari

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