Author Guidelines

  1. The manuscript to be published has not been published in other print media, typed with one half space except abstract one spacing on A4 size paper, 15 pages max page length, submitted 1 month before publication in softcopy using MS Word. Letter Times New Roman 12 except font title 14 and abstract 10.
  2. Articles in this journal are the results of research.
  3. All posts are arranged in the form of scientific articles, accompanied by headings of subheadings (heading) of each section. The title rating of the sub-section is bold and bold and the writing is not numeric as follows: Rank 1 (uppercase is all upright, flat with left edge), Rank 2 (uppercase letters, flat with left edge), Rank 3 (Uppercase - small tilt, flat with left edge).
  4. The results of the study are presented by systematics as follows: (a) Title; (b) The author's name without an academic degree; (c) Name of work intansi; (d) E-mail Address; (e) Abstract; (f) Keywords; (g) Introduction; (h) Research Methods; (i) Results and Discussion; (j) Conclusion; (k) Reference List.
  5. The Referral List is presented following the procedures of the following examples and sorted alphabetically and chronologically.


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  1. The text is typed with due regard to the rules on the use of punctuation and spelling which is contained in the Enhanced Spellings Generalized Indonesian Guidelines.