Pembelajaran Blended Learning Dalam Era Revolusi Industri 4.0

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Paula Dewanti


 The evolution and technological revolution brought changes in various fields, including the world of education. In line with generation transformation that carry own generation characteristics, conventional learning undergoes transformation through the use of information technology such as computers, Internet and mobile apps in learning process. This study aims to develop a clear picture of the effect of learning using Blended Learning and the use of information technology in shaping learners engagement in learning process as a readiness to counter any challenges of ICT-based education in the Industrial Era 4.0. Applying descriptive analysis method, this study was conducted with a pre, during and post-event evaluation methods which are a combination of conventional learning through face-to-face classroom, and an online learning using E-Learning and correspondences, as well as conducting a survey at the end of semester to get feedback from learners. Results of this study reflect that Blended Learning method contributes an effective output and acceptable by learners in higher education, who mostly are millennial.

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Dewanti, P. (2019). Pembelajaran Blended Learning Dalam Era Revolusi Industri 4.0. Journal on Information Systems, Technology of Information and Communications (JoISTIC), 1(2).