Desain Sistem Informasi Katering Dengan Fitur Saldo Poin Berbasis Android

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Jozua Ferjanus Palandi
Mokhammad Ali Imron
Rakhmad Maulidi


Smartphone users are currently favoring the selection of online restaurants, while restaurants are already developing fastly in Malang. In general, every restaurant has its own characteristic and they compete in giving the best price and convenience for their customers. Besides ordering food on the spot, restaurants are also providing booking facilities and lots of promotions to attract customers. The features of this application aim to facilitate customers performing a transaction with the preferred restaurants and also adding or saving some points from their transaction. Points that have been collected can be used by customers as payments without using cash that enable the customers to use the balance at any time. This application simplifies the ordering system by using the feature of saving the points or balance. The features help to attract new customers as members, which can increase sales turnover.

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Palandi, J., Imron, M., & Maulidi, R. (2019). Desain Sistem Informasi Katering Dengan Fitur Saldo Poin Berbasis Android. Journal on Information Systems, Technology of Information and Communications (JoISTIC), 1(2), 1-10.