1. From October 2017, the Jurnal Ekonomi Modernisasi receives only manuscript of empirical research results in the field of defined scope.
  2. Starting from October 2017, Jurnal Ekonomi Modernisasi changes its systematics of writing. The journal does not include the literature review section anymore, unlike the previous issues published. For more details, see the author guidelines and writing template.



Call for Paper Jurnal Ekonomi Modernisasi Volume 14 Number 3, October 2018


Jurnal Ekonomi Modernisasi  invites researchers, scholars and authors to submit  original and empirical research  to publish for volume 14 No. 3 for October 2018. The journal is dedicated to publish  quality paper related management and accounting. The paper will publish in online and print version.  Dont be hesitate to call contact person or email of the journal.            Regards