Author Guideline

  1. All manuscript shall be written in Indonesian and submitted online via journal website.
  2. The manuscript shall be formatted in one column using 12 pt Calibri font type, 1.15 spaces in the A4 paper, and justified alignment for a maximum of 20 pages. All manuscripts should be in Microsoft Word, at least the 2007 version.
  3. The title must be written in title case and should be in 12 pt font size with center alignment and a maximum of 20 words.
  4. The author's name shall be in 10 pt. font size, centered alignment, and without an academic degree.
  5. Correspondenc's address includes an email address, name, and address of correspondenc's affiliation or institution origin written in 10 pt font size and centered alignment.
  6. The abstract should be written in English in one paragraph and consist of a maximum of 150 words. The abstract should explain the purpose, method, and result of the research concisely.
  7. Keywords are any terms related to the general issue(s) of the articles and are limited to a maximum of five.
  8. Systematic for research article are:
  1. Systematic for a review article are: title; author's name; correspondence address; abstract; keywords; introduction (no title); main discussion (could be divided into several sub-discussions); conclusion; acknowledgment (optional); references.
  2. Each title part shallbe written in different types (all title parts and subparts shall be written in bold or italic bold) and not in numbering format:
  1. Table: The table shall be clearly identified using the number and title above the table in bold font, 10 pt font, left alignment. The table shall be positioned in left-right alignment. The first letter in the table shall be capitalized, except for phrases. The table's data shall be written in single space, 10 pt font. The table shall be presented only in horizontal lines and shall be mentioned in the paragraph.
  2. Figure: The figure shall be presented in average to high resolution, identified using a number and title above the table, and written in bold font in 10 pt left alignment. Figures shall be mentioned in the paragraph.
  3. Citations and references arewritten according to the APA (American Psychological Association) 6th edition style. The references shall be ordered based on alphabetical and chronological order. We recommend using reference management applications such as Below are examples of References written according to the APA 6th edition style.
  1. All issues regarding permission of citation or software utilization during the process of the paper or any issues regarding Intellectual Property Rights related to the author, including their legal consequences, will be the responsibility of the author.
  2. The Board is authorized to reject a manuscript based on peer reviewer advice and make necessary changes or adjustments related to language properties without altering the substance. Substance editing would be discussed with the author first.