Focus and Scope

Journal Moral Kemasyarakatan (JMK) provides a unique research forum for discussion and analysis in the areas of character, moral action, moral pedagogy, and practical ethics. The journal encourages cross-disciplinary research and submissions across the social sciences and humanities that use a variety of methodological approaches and address aspects of moral reasoning, moral emotions, motivations and moral actions in a variety of contexts (e.g., culture, gender, family, school, community, and university) and roles (e.g.: parents, lecturers, teachers, students, civic, professional).

JMK encourages the delivery of empirical research results (based on data from the field) related to: character education, anthropology of morality, citizenship and civic education, cognitive development, practical ethics, gender studies, multiculturalism, moral development, moral psychology, peace studies, young citizens, professional ethics education, sociology of citizenship, ideology and citizenship, history and politics of moral education, values education.

JMK usually do not publish articles resulting from literature reviews and do not have components of character education, moral values, practical ethics.