Peer Review Process

Procedure for Authors on Peer Review Process in Jurnal Penelitian dan Pendidikan IPS (JPPI):

  1. Familiarise yourself with the journal’s submission guidelines: Before submitting your manuscript, carefully review the submission guidelines provided by the journal. Pay attention to details such as formatting, style, and word count.
  2. Submit your manuscript for peer review: Once your manuscript has been prepared according to the submission guidelines, submit it to the journal for peer review. The journal will typically assign your manuscript to one or more expert reviewers in your field.
  3. Wait for feedback from the reviewers: The reviewers will evaluate your manuscript and provide feedback on its quality and validity. This process can take several weeks or even months, so be patient.
  4. Address the reviewer's comments: After receiving feedback from the reviewers, carefully consider their comments and suggestions. Address each comment in a thoughtful manner, providing a clear, evidence-based response. If you disagree with any of the comments, explain your reasoning with respect.
  5. Revise your manuscript: Based on the comments of the reviewers, you can revise your manuscript as needed. Ensure that you have addressed all the comments and suggestions from the reviewers.
  6. Resubmit your manuscript: Once you have revised your manuscript, submit it again to the journal. If the journal requires additional information or revisions, please provide them
  7. Receive notification of acceptance or rejection: The journal will notify you of the decision to accept or reject your manuscript. If your manuscript is rejected, carefully review the comments and suggestions of the reviewer and consider reviewing your manuscript before submitting it to another journal.

Following this procedure, authors can navigate the peer review process and increase the likelihood of their manuscript being accepted for publication in an academic journal.